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Contact Sky Ventilation to install high-quality extractor fans that will not only improve your property’s ventilation, but will prevent any mould infestation.

Our services are available for residential properties throughout London, West Essex, Kent, Surrey, Oxfordshire and East Sussex. We work with leading manufacturers in the UK to provide you with the best extractor fans for your home. We install extractor fans for single rooms such as bathrooms, and multi-room extractors, which are best suited to properties which need continuous ventilation throughout all the house.

Skilled Ventilation Technicians

Our workforce is highly qualified and works with top extractor fan manufacturers.
We help our clients select a ventilation solution which is most suited to their property specifications and budget requirements

Benefits of Extractor Fans

  • Removes Condensation - Extractor fans extracts moisture in rooms which tend to be damp, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Prevents Mould - When there is less moisture in the air, mould is not able to form on walls or ceilings.
  • Better Ventilation - Extractor fans improve airflow, by encouraging air to circulate throughout the room or building.
  • Averts Property Damage - Extractor fans remove the water build-up which causes plaster to bulge and wallpaper to peel off.

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