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Low-cost, effective loft, flat and apartment PIV installations in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex, Oxfordshire and East Sussex.

Positive Input Ventilation

PIVs are whole house ventilation units, used to improve airflow and decrease indoor humidity.

A PIV is type of ventilation system that creates a clean, dry indoor
atmosphere. It transforms the stagnant, humid air into fresh air and keeps
​​​​​​​air flowing freely throughout the room. PIVs are best suited to loft and flat spaces.

Benefits of PIV

  • Fresh Air - Breath in the finest air possible installing a PIV system to increase air circulation.
  • Improve Health - If you suffer from asthma or sinusitis, installing a PIV can help to reduce mould build up and alleviate your health problems.
  • Ventilation for Large Areas - PIV is best suited for wide open areas such as lofts, flats and apartments.

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