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What Is a Heat Recovery Unit?

A heat recovery unit is a system which can be installed throughout a property. It both supplies and extracts air. The units are designed to provide a healthy environment while offering a balanced energy-efficient ventilation solution. The heat extracted from the air is recovered by the system and then reused to provide fresh air throughout the house. Homes and apartment blocks across London, Essex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Oxfordshire and West Sussex are installing heat recovery units due to their numerous benefits.

Benefits of a Heat Recovery Unit

  • Reduced Dampness
  • Less Mould Build Up
  • Decreased Carbon Footprint
  • Fresher Air
  • Lower Heating Costs

Heat Recovery Unit Installations

Heat recovery units can warm up the incoming air throughout your house to supply fresher air and improve climate control. It can recover up 80% of air by refreshing the outgoing stale air. At Sky Ventilation, we will conduct a free site assessment to determine which heat recovery units will work best for you.

Whether your new building requires an efficient heating solution, or your existing property that a better ventilation system, Sky Ventilation can source and install the right product for you. We work with homeowners and landlords in London, Essex, West Sussex, Kent, Oxfordshire and East Sussex.


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